What level am I?


What level am I?

Post by hunyuan7 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 4:12 pm

Hi, All:

Nice to be here again: I think it is my second time registering on this site, so you can guess that I play the guitar here and there depending on the ebb and flow of my life.

My background:

...Combined 20 months with teachers
...Working on lesson 13 (The Second Position) in Noad's Solo Guitar Playing
...Practicing on my own currently
...Playing the classical guitar is purely for fun and not for performance
...Using Epiphone EC 20 classical guitar (built like a tank!)

Please tell me how I should describe my level.


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Erik Zurcher
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Re: What level am I?

Post by Erik Zurcher » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:25 pm

Hello Hunyuan7 and welcome back to Delcamp forum! Enjoy yourself and see you around!

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Joe de V
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Re: What level am I?

Post by Joe de V » Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:08 pm

Rating your or anyone else level of learning is a subjective issue and depends on where did you started at. In addition each publication geared for students have their own criteria of determining levels. Right here at DelCamp lessons material there are some pieces given a level 3 or 4 where other publications consider them 2 or even as a beginner level 1. Mr.Noad's volume represents the author's personal views of how to best advance in learing to play well the CG. His lesson plan will not necessarily be identical to another publication by a teacher/guitarist.
When i started to learn to play the CG I bought over 20 different "methods" of learning and took from each one what appears- For Me- the best example for any specific issue I wanted to learn. In essence- Not One Volume Can Be The Best To Teach You All You need to do. Maybe that is One advantage of having a qualified private tutor.
Rather than be concern about your Level of Learning, just by practicing and taking the time- Not Rushing - to complete a lesson you will know yourself the rate of your progress.Good Luck and Enjoy your guitar playing.


Re: What level am I?

Post by hunyuan7 » Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:51 pm

Here's the thing: Whenever you read a review, you always come across terms like "beginner," "intermediate," and "advanced." Sometimes, it is "early intermediate." :) You can't read a thread on this forum without coming across one of these descriptions. I just thought, I would open myself up and go from there on this forum.

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