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New member RonT

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I've been playing guitar since I was 6. Studied Classical guitar in my early 20's for a few years. Got into blues and jazz and gigged for over 30 years. Got tired of being up until 4am so I don't gig anymore. I teach Guitar and beginning Piano. I also tune and repair Pianos. I'm turning my attentions back to Classical guitar and some other tunes that will fit the nylon string sound. I didn't really know much about the current instruments and haven't had a classical guitar for a very long time. I did a lot of research and watched a lot of vids on the youtubezz..LOL...and I just pulled the trigger on a Ken Hill New World 640S. I have smaller hands and its been so long since I played with the wider neck profile I felt it was better to get something with a smaller scale and the 640S fit into the price range I was looking at.

I also like the sound of the spruce top...not that I don't like the sound of cedar I just prefer what I perceive as a more clear projecting sound from spruce. The Cedar seems to accentuate the lower frequencies of every register. Sort of like the notes hang around on the top a lot longer where the spruce seem to just jump off with out the extra buildup of lower frequencies. Either way I will be exploring my old books and putting together the pieces I did play back in the day.

I'm looking forward to getting lost in the beautiful sounds of Classical guitar.

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Hi Ron,

Welcome to the forum! Please have a look at this page for some useful information to get you started, including links to the rules and helpfiles. After your second message has been approved, you will have access to all members' scores and recordings plus the first 3 levels of the Delcamp score collections. After you have posted 20 messages, you can apply for the 020 group, which will give you access to the remaining levels. Just ask if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you around!

Best wishes,
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