Mark Leue, my Introduction

Mark Leue
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Mark Leue, my Introduction

Post by Mark Leue » Mon Dec 25, 2017 11:03 pm

Hello Friends of the Guitar,

I'm Mark Leue (say Loya, a Frisian name) a professional luthier in the trade since 1978, when I opened a guitar making and repair business in Albany NY, USA, after completing a course of study at Vermont's School of the Guitar research and Design Center, a couple of years earlier, and a co-mentorship with another Albany area luthier.
At a certain point I got the fiddle bug, which is another story entirely, and after studying violin repair and restoration, 30 years ago or so, most of my focus has been on double bass restoration and making for the last 20 years or so, AND YET, I still love, play and work on old guitar and other fretted instruments. my love of the guitar goes back to my pre- teen years when I started learning the instrument, and I still play for pleasure.
These days I am involved in several interesting Romantic period guitars, and I still do some buying and selling of interesting guitars.

Current projects include restoration of an early English Panormo guitar, a south German guitar from the 1840's. and I have a few nice flamenco and classical/jazz crossover Instruments for sale.

I hope to show you a few projects as I make progress on them from time to time, participate in restoration/ making questions, and I will offer some instruments for sale as they become available.

thanks, in advance, and I look forward to meeting you online or in person!
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Re: Mark Leue, my Introduction

Post by GeoffB » Mon Dec 25, 2017 11:32 pm

Hello Mark,

Welcome to the forum! I'm sure you will find plenty to interest you in our thriving Luthiers section. Please have a look at this page for some useful information to get you started on the forum, including links to the rules and helpfiles. You now have access to all members' scores and recordings plus the first 3 levels of the Delcamp score collections. After you have posted 20 messages, you can apply for the 020 group, which will give you access to the remaining levels. Just ask if you have any questions.

By the way, in order to display your avatar against your username, you need to insert it in your profile, and you can find guidance on how to do that here. You'll need to reduce the filesize slightly to fit the maximum size allowed there.

And I moved your second post to the right topic for requesting membership of the luthier group. You can now find it here.

I look forward to seeing you around!

Best wishes,
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