Hello, Back from a long sabbatical

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Hello, Back from a long sabbatical

Post by nuclearfishin » Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:53 pm

Hello all, I'm returning to the world of classical guitar after a long sabbatical in the real world. Many years ago (in the 80's) I was a classical guitar performance major in college. Through a series of forks in the road I ended up on a different career path in business although my love for classical guitar never waned. Fast forward 30 years and I'm comfortably semi-retired, kids moving away to college, and I think I finally have time to play seriously again. During my long hiatus I built guitars briefly for a 10-15 period as a hobby, never selling them, just building for fun and the love of guitar. There was a period where I had serious back problems and couldn't sit correctly to play for years, but those issues are resolved and now I'm much more comfortable with one of those lap pillows (is that what they're called? Lol). In my younger days my goal was always to play well enough to compete seriously in the GFA competition. That was a BS goal when I was young. Now I just want to play the pieces I love for my own enjoyment. I just signed up to start taking lessons again and hope the teachers in this area are good. Time will tell. Some of the music I'd like to start working on again (although not for a little while until I'm back in playing shape) are the two Albeniz editions, Bach lute suites, Barrios, Villa Lobos etudes, etc. All the music I was working on in school 30 years ago. Looking forward to practicing with a purpose again!

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Re: Hello, Back from a long sabbatical

Post by simonm » Thu Jan 11, 2018 3:35 pm


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