Hello from Cumbria, England


Hello from Cumbria, England

Post by tim51 » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:33 am

I am an intermediate acoustic guitar player, and although I began with classical lessons in my 20s, I soon stopped for a long time. When I took the guitar up again it was to mainly strum and simple pattern finger-picking for mostly folk and pop music without really becoming accomplished. This was because a break of my left elbow in my teens meant I had severely limited rotational movement of my left forearm. As I am right-handed, this meant I had limited manouvereability in my fretting hand. Barre chords were an impossibility.

A few years ago I started from scratch again, bought a better quality instrument (steel-string), took up finger-style lessons, but playing left-handed instead, which to my joy allowed me to at least make reasonable attempts to do things with my fretting hand that were more expected of say an intermediate player. Of course I was slightly concerned that using my left hand for picking/strumming I would never build up the the same rhythm-holding capability as I naturally had with my right, but this potential problem was far outweighed by the advantage of having a capable and very much willing-to-learn fretting hand.

I am now in my 60s, and while practising for hours on and off, started developing various muscle aches around my body, using the casual playing position. This led me to take up the classical position which cured the old aches, but introduced new ones in my right (guitar supporting) leg. This in turn led me to using a strap for guitar body support, but still using the classical position, and now both feet are on the ground, my torso is not twisted relative to my hips, and both shoulders are level and parallel to the line of my hips, I thought I had cured all practice aches and pains. But no, I now have tension in my fretting hand from not relaxing my thumb pressure when I can. This is why I have accessed this forum, and have found helpful tips, and wish to add some myself. And this is why I am registering.

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Re: Hello from Cumbria, England

Post by Erik Zurcher » Tue Feb 06, 2018 7:56 am

Hello Tim51 and welcome to Delcamp forum! Enjoy yourself and see you around!

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Re: Hello from Cumbria, England

Post by fretter » Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:59 am

Hello from another older player who knows all about aches and pains. Keep at it, and welcome to the forum.

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