Old to music - new to classical guitar


Old to music - new to classical guitar

Post by Joe90 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:47 am


I'm Joe from Westmeath Ireland, living in Northamptonsire UK - wife and 4 grown up children. My wife is a gigging sax player.
I've been a hobbyist musician all my life. I played acoustic guitar as a teenager and tried to copy the likes of James Taylor, Paul Brady, Freddie White - all by ear, before internet and tabs. I busked my way through college on the streets of Dublin with the same 10 songs. :D
I switched to violin early 20's and played traditional Irish fiddle in a band and later a duo with a great guitarist for 17 years. I worked through the grades on violin to grade 7 and so can sight read but not guitar music, so starting on tabs, but do want to learn to read for guitar.

I've always loved classical guitar from hearing mostly John Williams in the 70's.
I've just restarted music at 55 after a total 10 year break and decided on classical guitar.
Dream would be Bach Chaconne. Just learned to play Lagrima and now tackling Prelude from BWV 998 but it's a very tall order for me and have probably taken on more than I can chew - painfully slow at memorising and filled with squeaks, buzzes and catching wrong strings.
I don't know even one classical guitar player offline so I'm on my own here. There is a teacher nearby whom I'll meet soon.

I've just bought a 1999 Perez 690 Cedro (part of Alhambra) and had a luthier check it over, drop the action, fit new saddle and tidy up a few frets. I'm OK at looking after instruments (with a house full of them) and did lots with violins over the years, like fitting bridges and soundposts. I also have a half built violin that i started 11 years ago and stopped but it's all ready to restart soon.

I own a Martin J15 acoustic, Morris c1972 acoustic, Suzuki Nagoya 1664 Cedar c1972 classical, Yamaha A1R acoustic, mandolin, mandolin, uke, and of course several violins.

Thanks for welcoming me,

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Re: Old to music - new to classical guitar

Post by oski79 » Wed Feb 07, 2018 5:07 am

Welcome to Delcamp!

If you haven't already, please take a moment to read this page for a good rundown on how the forum works, rules, history, etc. You have found a great source of classical guitar knowledge, as we have a wide assortment of members, from beginners to performing artists, with a number of fine teachers, historians, and luthiers. So feel free to ask any questions you might have, but consider using the search function first, as many topics have already been discussed at length.

If you participate in other online forums, you might notice that things can occasionally get rather heated. Delcamp takes great strides to avoid that. Here areMssr. Delcamp’s thoughts on that.

Please note that there is a requirement to post an average of once a month. Members not meeting this standard may have their memberships terminated.

Adding your location to your profile is a nice touch. Many of us have made new friends from doing just that.

Again, welcome to the forum!


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Re: Old to music - new to classical guitar

Post by fretter » Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:30 am

Hi, Joe, welcome from Colorado, US. Seems like many of us have similar stories, and I like hearing them all. I'm not part of any classical guitar community, am not currently taking lessons, so I'm glad for this forum.

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