Greetings from New York state

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Greetings from New York state

Post by HansvM » Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:18 pm

Good day, my name is Hans and I am a retired teacher in upstate New York.
I came across your thread looking for information about my A. Dotras Córdoba guitar. The info that I found confirms whatever little I learned about it in 1965. I lived in the Munich area in Germany then, attending high school. A Belgian friend of mine sold me this acoustic guitar for 50 German Marks. I loved its sound and started to explore its rich sound potential. For a time I even played it with only 5 strings, missing the high E strings, since the mechanics were not working too well, and I did not have nor looked for any input from knowledgable people. American blues was my interest and love at that time, so I made up melodies and worked away, playing some of them also at a small club, Parnass, in the city.
Later I became interested in electric instruments, bass and guitars, as well as other acoustic instruments. Eventually I moved to the US for 5 years. When I returned to Germany for 3 years, a father of children by now, I returned to playing only an Ovation that I had brought with me from the States. One day I checked out my parents ' basement and came across my ADC leaning against the wall! I decided to take it with me, had it spruced up by a luthier, got a case for it, and started to explore its depth and riches again.
What a treasure it is. Compared to it all my other instruments (acoustic/electric guitars/synthesizer) pale. Granted it is sometimes a pain to keep it tuned, there are small cracks, the varnish has suffered greatly, the frets are still the originals!, but its sound is unmatched and, in particular, so incredibly responsive to whatever I do. It flawlessly adjusts to my moods and translates it into sound and melody. A healer, showering me with joy and blessings. Enough said - and hard to believe.
Maybe the most important fact of its life was that I could play it always in the presence of my growing children, knowing that its acoustic sound did not threaten their well-being, but it enhanced their environment incredibly.
Needless to say that it is lying right next to me at the moment, still surprising me with new discoveries in the world of sound whenever I have the honor to bring it and me alive.
Blessings, Hans

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Re: Greetings from New York state

Post by simonm » Thu Feb 08, 2018 6:51 pm

Hello Hans,

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