US $.4000 Michael Danielson spruce 2016 Seattle, WA

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US $.4000 Michael Danielson spruce 2016 Seattle, WA

Post by Filipp » Thu Oct 06, 2016 5:09 am

- Type / luthier: classical / Danielson
- Year of construction: 2016
- Scale length (mm): 650
- Top: Spruce
- Back / Sides: Indian Rosewood
- Fingerboard / (bridge): Ebony / rosewood
- Sound: Very warm and clear, "clean" trebles ... n-rwspruce
- Condition: new
- Price: $4000
- Viewing / trial possible: Yes
- Location (nearest city): Seattle, WA USA

Another beautiful instrument from luthier Michael Danielson.
Nice, balanced instrument, quality woods and construction. Warm and "woody" sound, warm mid range. Clean trebles as you can hear on the recording with really nice sustain on all strings. Being new instrument, it already displays decent volume and overall rich character. I would describe it as "Spanish" sound. (I know, we can debate forever what Spanish sound really means...) Very comfortable neck for left hand, I have medium-sized hands.

Some features:
- sound-port on the upper bout
- fret markers on 5,7,9
- compensating (bone) nut and saddle
- French Polish
- 12-hole tie bridge
- Rubner tuners
- hard case

The recording reveals so much of this new instrument. Remember, its 2016 build and it already sounds like this! I can only imagine this instrument in couple of years of regular playing.
Better audio here (no reverb, effects, or any tinkering with sound - just fade ins and outs). Strung with D'addario EJ45. ... n-rwspruce

Youtube audio (lesser quality) with pictures.
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Re: US $.4000 Michael Danielson spruce 2016 Seattle, WA

Post by Kintla » Thu Oct 06, 2016 4:24 pm

Nice sounding spruce guitar, I don't much care for the soundport though, personal choice I guess.

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Re: US $.4000 Michael Danielson spruce 2016 Seattle, WA

Post by David Gutowski » Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:41 am

D'addario EJ45 strings are my favorite...wonderful sounding guitar and I love the rosette...good luck selling it.
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