Classical guitar books

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Classical guitar books

Post by Daraz82 » Thu May 08, 2014 6:02 pm

Hi, i would like to know what is the best Classical Guitar instruction book to buy for a beginner?

Rory Falla

Re: Classical guitar books

Post by Rory Falla » Thu May 08, 2014 6:06 pm

I was advised to get the Aaron Shearer: Classical Guitar Technique Vol 1 and can thoroughly recommend it.

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Re: Classical guitar books

Post by mrb » Thu May 08, 2014 6:34 pm

Noad Solo Guitar Playing Vol. 1 is one of the better ones.


Re: Classical guitar books

Post by Leighton » Thu May 08, 2014 7:39 pm

My vote goes to Noad. lt still sits on my bookcase even though I haven't opened it in a long time.


Re: Classical guitar books

Post by pnarzem » Thu May 08, 2014 9:05 pm

Noad and Shearer Classical Guitar Technique are my go to books

Martin H

Re: Classical guitar books

Post by Martin H » Thu May 08, 2014 9:21 pm

Noad for me. I bought Shearer too, but Noad suits me better.


Re: Classical guitar books

Post by jeff_hatcher » Thu May 08, 2014 10:34 pm

Leighton wrote:My vote goes to Noad. lt still sits on my bookcase even though I haven't opened it in a long time.
Don't forget Noad's "Graded Classical Guitar Studies" to go along with that.

And Mel Bay's "Complete Giuliani Studies" and "Complete Sor Studies" for guitar.

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Re: Classical guitar books

Post by eyedoc » Fri May 09, 2014 6:12 am

Noad 1 and 2


Re: Classical guitar books

Post by tybee » Sat May 17, 2014 8:04 am

Solo Guitar Playing Volume 1 by Frederick M. Noad.


Re: Classical guitar books

Post by uppingham » Wed May 21, 2014 12:18 pm

My first teacher introduced me to Noad's First Book for the Guitar, parts 1, 2 and 3.
I loved them!!! Very easy to fallow and understand for the beginner. As a beginer I found the pieces very rewarding and satisfying to play.
I would recommend this series of books to anyone.

a human
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Re: Classical guitar books

Post by a human » Wed May 21, 2014 1:21 pm

I have used to find used version of books at a discount with good success.

Lawrence Ferrara has a two volume set out that is recommended by my guitar teacher to beginning students who instructs "master class" style. The set is called "The Student Repertoire Series."
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Mark Farber

Re: Classical guitar books

Post by Mark Farber » Tue Oct 14, 2014 3:08 am

I took lessons years ago using the Parkening book. Now I am starting to play again. I am fairly competent at Parkening Vol. 1. The question is do I move on (own my own - no instructor) to Parkening vol. 2 or should I switch to Noad or some other book to develop new techniques?

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Re: Classical guitar books

Post by Aucaman » Tue Oct 14, 2014 5:55 am

Julio Sagreras: "Las Primeras Lecciones de Guitarra."
It's available right here in this wonderful DelCamp Forum

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John Montes
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Re: Classical guitar books

Post by John Montes » Wed Oct 29, 2014 11:54 pm

My first classical guitar teacher introduced me to the Aaron Shearer Classic Guitar Technique Vol #1 and Giuliani 120 right hand studies to get started. I only took a few lessons and had experience playing guitar and reading music so I could continue at my own pace once initial guidance was provided.
The Giuliani 120 studies can become a bit boring based on two chords (C & G7), the Bobri 130 right hand studies provide greater harmonic variety to make the exercises more interesting :-)

Classic Guitar Technique Vol #2 is recommended once you graduate from using book #1.
I stil go back to Vol #2 to do studies or re-read pieces that have not been played in awhile

I'll have to check out the Frederick Noad books, many have also recomemned those books, I just cannot comment on them as I do not have personal experience with them.
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Re: Classical guitar books

Post by sayar » Thu Oct 30, 2014 2:55 am

I am self-taught and study through Noad's solo guitar playing.
Overall it is very good book. Of course, nothing is perfect. If you follow the courses on this book, and get some help from YouTube and this forum and other websites, you can learn.
There is one thing that is very different in Noad's book to other method books: Noad does NOT teach based on scales. He teaches based on positions, so you will not practice scales and will not learn what scales are based on this book, but you will study progressively from position 1 through 9. The book has a few pages briefly explaining scales, but again, does not give practices based on scales. I can't say if this is good or not, but this is what it is.
Another thing, that I wish was better, the book does not give you very much practices pertaining to position studies. For example, it teaches position 5, but the pieces that it brings after this lesson are mostly in positions 1-3, perhaps with one or two measures only in position 5, and in some pieces none. So, you learn the positions, but will not be provided with enough pieces in each position at all.
Nevertheless, overall, it's good book and I do recommend.

Shrear's book, I just have the first book, and have not seen next ones. It is very detailed with a lot of emphasis on correct playing. Seems to be a good book, but again, I haven't seen rest of the books.

Good luck

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