Strings for Cathedral 10 string guitar

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Strings for Cathedral 10 string guitar

Post by graybaby » Tue Jun 10, 2014 10:00 pm

I need to replace the first 6 strings on my Cathedral 10 string guitar and wondered what would be a good brand and type of string to use. I bought the guitar new and this will be the first set of replacement stings for the guitar. I don't know what came on the guitar from the company, but they really had a good sound and were easy to play.

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Re: Strings for Cathedral 10 string guitar

Post by jack_cat » Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:08 pm

Gray Baby,
Go to (google this) "strings by mail".
Assuming that the guitar has straight frets, not fanned, and has a scale of 650 mm, it doesn't matter what set of the upper six strings you put on because every guitar likes different strings, so just buy a few different standard sets and try them.

As far as the extra bass strings go, there are several companies offering low bass sets made specifically for the tuning D - C - B - A
which include Savarez and Aquila, (Aquila are my favorites) and, also, La Bella has a complete range of sizes for long lute basses which
work fine on the guitar but you have to know what sizes you want.

If however, the dimensions or tuning are non-standard or exotic, then you have to go to "Arto's String Calculator" (google that) for the diameters
on your trebles and to the D'Addario site - where you will hunt up a PDF on calculating string sizes - for the basses. The results will only give you
D-Addario basses, but fortunately some of the D'Add basses are labeled with their diameters in inches as part of the part number and those numbers
can be extracted and used for other brands which publish their diameters.

You want to study and memorize the diameters of your preferred strings in both millimeters and inches, as all extended range players find out.
sizes in millimeters range from .40 mm to almost 2 mm for low low basses, always with two decimal places.
sizes in inches run to 3 decimal places, like .020" for very thin up to .070 or so for low basses.

A digital caliper (I have a nice one from Stewart McDonald luthier supply) is very useful.

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Re: Strings for Cathedral 10 string guitar

Post by Lockie » Mon Jan 23, 2017 11:41 am

Hi from West Clare

I have an instrument similar to a cathedral guitar but I
have turned first six as normal and 7th C below sixth and 065" bass nylon tuned to G below 7th string. With Ab (9th) semitone above 8th string and Bb (10th) a tone higher than the 9th string.

It has good sympathetic resonance for nearly all notes. I love the extended bass range.


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