2018-10-14 "Fusion" - Chandlers Ford UK

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Derek Hasted
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2018-10-14 "Fusion" - Chandlers Ford UK

Post by Derek Hasted » Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:16 am

Hello everyone

I'm playing in a quartet called "fusion" on Sunday October 14th at Chandlers Ford Methodist Church at 3pm.

Fusion comprises flute, 2 classical guitars and a double bass (with occasional appearances of alto guitar, banjo, clarinet and piano) - and has what one audience member described as "a fantastic sound".

Our repertoire is deliberately diverse, and in the past we've played music from c1500, Castelnuovo-Tedesco's Guitar concerto Op 99, ELO's Mr Blue Sky and some beautiful music from the film Kill Bill (if that last comment makes any sense at all!)

There's more at http://www.derek-hasted.co.uk/fusion/ and some of our arrangements are published for conventional guitar ensemble - visit http://www.derek-hasted.co.uk/smp/

On behalf of Gilly, Lisa, Claire and myself, we hope you can come and share what we know will be a varied and fun concert.
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