Torroba's Seguidilla (Aires de la Mancha)

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Torroba's Seguidilla (Aires de la Mancha)

Post by amade » Wed Jun 21, 2017 7:36 pm

I was wondering if anyone had a definitive reading of Torroba's Seguidilla from Aires de la Mancha. I have an early print ("© Copyright 1966 by Moreno Torroba en exclusive Editiorial Cadencia - Madrid") that is unedited and unfingered, possibly the first print. In the second bar of the F sharp minor section (b. 23, which is repeated, b. 35), the notes are impossible to play as written. I have heard players cut off the low F sharp. I have also heard them change the first G sharp to an A or a B. Does anyone have an authoritative source, say a copy of the autograph manuscript, that might shed light on this passage? Of course this situation may possibly be the result of Torroba not being a guitarist and writing a passage that is not idiomatic to the instrument. Or perhaps it's a printing error. There is a printing error in my edition at b. 22, where the first G sharp should be an A, which it is when this is repeated at b. 34.

I'm not interested in how players attempt to interpret this passage, only if anyone knows of better source to consult for Torroba's original composition.

Thanks in advance!

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