Turibio Santos Preludio No.6

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Turibio Santos Preludio No.6

Post by OSJ » Mon Jul 03, 2017 3:32 pm

I have been searching this forum and the web to find if there is any recording or performance of Turibio Santos Preludio 6. I was surprised to have drawn a complete blank. I can't even find a reference to Turibio having recorded or performed his own composition!

I have a copy of the Max Eschig Editions 1986 sheet music for Turibio Santos Preludio No. 6 (must collect the other 5!) but I really need to hear someone playing this to at least get an idea of how to approach it. This is obviously a piece in the contemporary mode - there is no key signature or bars marked. Ok, I could just "interpret it" but it would be nice to hear a really good guitarist play this to get a few ideas. In fact it would be nice to hear someone play all 6 of the preludes.

It may be that Turibios is noted more as a performer than a composer (?), but I am quite sure from looking over this score that the Preludes would be extremely worth while working on.

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