My Yamaha G-100A story.

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Todd Tipton
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My Yamaha G-100A story.

Post by Todd Tipton » Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:12 am

I've always recommended Yamaha guitars to anyone wanting a great guitar for a small price. I really needed a beater guitar and didn't want to spend a lot of money. Through Craigslist, I found a Yamaha G-100A for $60. I really didn't want to waste a trip so I asked a few questions about the play-ability before I went. "Oh yeah! Nothing wrong. Plays great!"

When I got there, The saddle was gone and a folded strip of notebook paper attempted to take the place of the saddle. "Uh, where is the saddle?"

"The what?"

I could hardly get the man to stop swaying his hips as he strummed the instrument telling me how fine it sounded. Anyway, I managed to get the instrument for $40. On the way home, I was regretting making the purchase and wished that I had my $40 back. So, I got online and had to buy a replacement saddle. Luthiers, repair people, and probably almost everyone would laugh at just how little I know, and just how totally inept I am when it comes to any type of repairs. So I was very shocked and disappointed when this giant bone brick came in the mail with the word "saddle on the package." No tools. No skills. Just me, the saddle, and some sandpaper all on the studio floor. Soon thereafter, I discovered that vodka and cranberry juice were also needed (we were out of triple sec.) I was really regretting spending the time and the money, but I was in too deep. I just had to finish.
After a couple of days, I managed to get the saddle to the correct size. Whew!

Then I strung up the guitar and that was when I was really surprised. I mean I don't know my Yamaha history, but isn't this a lower end factory made guitar? For reasons beyond my comprehension, it sounded better than MANY handmade guitars I've played. And the more I played it, the more I liked it. As bizarre as this sounds, this has quickly become one of my favorite guitars.

Now, I still need a better beater guitar, because this one is far too precious to me!
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Re: My Yamaha G-100A story.

Post by Golfgnome » Fri Nov 10, 2017 2:46 pm

Great story.
I started studying with an instructor about a year ago. My only classical guitar was a Yamaha CG100A that I had bought 20 years ago for about $125 and almost never played. I had played mostly electric (rock and pop) but I have always loved Classical music and classical guitar. Anyway I thought the Yamaha was fine to learn on. After a while my teacher said he was surprised at the tone I was able to get and how mellow the sound was from a beginner's guitar.(He is a pro and has a $10,000 handmade guitar.") He did say I was getting about everything I could from it and he wasn't trying to talk me into buying a better guitar. I had been wanting to move up to something I felt was midrange. So I saved my nickels and dimes, did a lot of research and searched out a lot of guitars (cedar and spruce). I settled on a cedar Cordoba C7 and I am very happy with it (I am a very long way from being a pro but I would like to play in church and other gatherings). The resonance, volume and playability are noticeably better. My instructor guessed that I paid about $1,000 for it and was surprised when I told him I paid $500. I still pull out the Yamaha from time to time and I can still make it sound decent but the Cordoba is more fun to play. Like you, I don't see myself getting rid of the Yamaha, it's still a great value.
Best wishes, enjoy!

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Tony Hyman
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Re: My Yamaha G-100A story.

Post by Tony Hyman » Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:43 pm

Boy do I feel at home here.I still love my " Jamaha CG-120 A".She's been with me many years and I must say with a new set of hard gauge strings now and again she just keeps thundering on.I really can't see one getting better value for money.

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