How to Practice 22 hours a Week

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Re: How to Practice 22 hours a Week

Post by Guitar Nut » Wed Aug 16, 2017 1:02 pm

zupfgeiger wrote:
Tue Aug 08, 2017 2:19 pm
I read somewhere that you need one hour of practice a day to remain at the level you reached. That is an easy time target to incorporate into your daily schedule. I try to play two hours on working days and three or even more on the weekends. Teacher twice a month. The result is: I am improving my playing skills, slowly but steadily. I envy those who claim to practice five, six or even eight hours a day. I coulnd't do that, even if I had no family and job. I find it useless to continue with praciticing when you are getting tired and concentration starts fading away. It's even contradictory and can cause injuries to force yourself into a painful practicing corset. But of course, with students and profs it's a different issue.
If I believed that first line, I would give up. I practise for an hour a day, and nearly two years in I'm still seeing improvements. If I thought there were not likely to be any further improvements I would lose all motivation and do something else. While I respect their decision to do so, I don't envy those who practise hour upon hour every day. I'm more envious of those who practise relatively little and still improve. That's what I strive for.

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