The most distraction whilst playing concerts?

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Les Montanjees
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Re: The most distraction whilst playing concerts?

Post by Les Montanjees » Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:58 pm

Back in the 1990s I was in a folk band and we'd been engaged to play at a folk festival in a country town. We were on an outdoor stage, set up our gear, tuned up, audience were seated, MC introduced us. Literally as we sucked in our first breath there was a loud crack. The bloke who'd been hired to do a whip-cracking demonstration decided that the back of our venue was the perfect place to do his thing. The whole audience turned round to watch while we, appalled, soldiered on.
Walked out CRACK!
One evening in May CRACK! CRACK!!"
We sang to the back of peoples' heads for a couple of minutes. Then our amp blew up!

At least we got paid.

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Re: The most distraction whilst playing concerts?

Post by lagartija » Wed Dec 02, 2015 11:39 pm

Rick Hutt wrote:Not a guitar recital, but last year doing a vocal recital a young man, probably late teens - early twenties, mouthed "Dalla sua pace" from Don Giovanni, with me. So wierd. Obviously I didn't spend much time looking directly at him, but from time to time, i would check in and he was still at it.
Perhaps he was so taken with your performance that he couldn't help but sing along with you!

I was at a performance of the Aranjuez concerto with Pepe Romero playing and had slap myself to keep from singing along during the Adagio! :lol: :oops: I almost could not help myself as I floated on every note he played and felt transcendent. It was just so moving. Sometimes, music does that to people. I kept the melody inside me so as not to disturb my neighbors at the concert, but if Pepe had looked at me, he probably would have seen me in my transcendent state! Good thing I was too far from him and he was way too busy playing!
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Re: The most distraction whilst playing concerts?

Post by Write_Rich » Mon Dec 07, 2015 7:39 pm

In lieu of lessons I take classical guitar classes at my local college. The requirement for the final is a performance on the last day of instruction in front of the class. Beginning students usually play one piece however more advanced (or confident) students may play up to three pieces. Sometimes funny things happen..

One semester during my performance - I had just settled in on stage and was giving the introduction when some guy gets up and walks right across the state right in front of me to use the restroom. Halfway through my first piece the guy comes back in and makes another triumphant pass across the stage right in front of me. I was rather focused on my playing so I barely noted the guy walking by however my professor was having none of it and became quite angry. He stops my performance and spends the next few minutes scolding the guy for being a fool. The best part - the guy is standing there with a growing wet spot on the front of his pants! I'm guessing he had some leaky plumbing! After this chastisement the professor advises me to continue playing.. Probably my biggest distraction to date but ironically I played quite well.. All the usual performance jitters where forgotten because I was trying to hide the fact that I wanted to bust out laughing at the whole situation!

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