Segovia Ramirez vs Walker Santos (or simliar)

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Segovia Ramirez vs Walker Santos (or simliar)

Post by simonm » Mon Dec 14, 2015 9:41 pm

Probably impossible to answer, but here goes anyway.

Have you played an early Ramirez and a later Santos Hernandez? (not copies). Or have you heard good recordings/concerts with the famous Segovia 1912 Ramirez (Santos) and good recordings or concerts of a later Santos H guitar? Can you describe any characteristics that are different between the instruments and not differences between the players such as Segovia and Walker?

Background: I was comparing the Brune/GAL plan of the 1912 Ramirez with the Merrin plan of a 1934 Santos Hernandez (recorded on the Sounds of Spain album) and see a very different approach to the design. If someone with superb copying skills built these two instruments what differences would you expect?

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Re: Segovia Ramirez vs Walker Santos (or simliar)

Post by celestemcc » Tue Dec 15, 2015 12:52 am

Frank Wallace just released an album, playing four older/historic instruments, one of them being a 1912 Manuel Ramirez. I've heard it live a couple of times, and it's wonderful. (The others are an 1857 Gutierrez, a Soto y Solares, and a Fleta.) The Album is called "Four Spanish Guitars", just google Gyre Music. (I don't think we can do commercial links, so that will get you there.)
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