For German and European owners recent VW group diesels

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For German and European owners recent VW group diesels

Post by simonm » Wed Feb 08, 2017 5:28 pm

Maybe you can get your (illegal cheating) car replaced for a new one.

In the aftermath of the VW group (incl Skoda,Seat, Audi, …) there have been at least two recent verdicts in German courts ordering the company or the dealers to replace affected vehicles. The most recent one (which of course will be appealed) said there should be no deduction/charge for the kilometers already driven. In other cases each 25,000 was deemed to equivalent to 10% of price. Apparently VW is playing for time in Europe as the is a very short statute of limitations on this kind of case. I don't recall whether it is the end of this year or the end of next year.

Put this in a search engine "VW Group ordered to take back emissions-cheating Skoda by German court" or click here: ... rman-court (magazine article.).

The relevant judegement: LG Hildesheim, 3 O 139/16

For German speakers/residents you will find a bunch of legal companies offering to put in a case for you are a fee. The lawyers looking for business seem to prefer a cash payout and take about 35% on a no foal no fee basis. If you have Rechtschutz then it might be better to go after a new car and use this cover to pay for the lawyer.

I don't know the German systems but in some countries if you lose in a blatant case like this you also have to pay the costs so the lawyers looking for a high percentage seem to me to be like US "ambulance chasers".

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Re: For German and European owners recent VW group diesels

Post by Andrew Pohlman » Thu Feb 09, 2017 8:31 pm

From the article:
"The judges compared the diesel-emissions cheating to a European consumer scandal in 2013 involving the discovery of illegal horse meat in products such as frozen lasagna."

Wait - doesn't everybody eat horse meat lasagne? How is that a good analogy? :D Oh wait - it was illegal horse meat. My bad. :D
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Re: For German and European owners recent VW group diesels

Post by DerekB » Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:06 pm

Thanks for posting this, Simon. We own one of the rogue VWs. From what we read online there are a lot of discontented VW owners and a lot of problems. One is the EGR valve which has a habit of failing. Often just after the car has been in for the "fix". When it does fail the car goes into 'limp mode', which is as feeble as it sounds. Ours went into limp mode as we turned out onto a dual carriageway. Fortunately, the Silk Road in Macclesfield is not usually very busy at that time on a Saturday morning. My wife was driving as I was unable to, having a broken wrist, and she was terrified. We had to carry on as she was driving me to Macclesfield Hospital for an operation on my wrist. After the operation, she took the car to our local garage who eventually found it needed a new EGR valve. The EGR valve on a Golf is in the most inaccessible place possible and requires the removal of just about every moving part of the car. The garage we used has very low labour charges but, even so, the bill came to well over £800. This on a car that has only done 28,000 miles. Now it is back in the garage as the particulate filter warning light has come back on and my wife is afraid of the car going into limp mode again. I am still not driving. The garage is baffled as they cleaned the particulate filter and for a few miles the car was running beautifully.
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