Online music co-operation - any experience?

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Online music co-operation - any experience?

Post by simonm » Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:05 pm

A few years ago I came across some online platforms for co-operating with other musicians. I no longer recall the names of any and an onine search did not jog my memory as to which ones impressed me at the time. To see an example, search for "Irlandaise by Claude Bolling (b. 1930) - Duet played by Julie and Brian" on youtube. (I don't know which platform was used in the video and as I am not registered there I can't ask).

Clearly for many people the big issue will be latency. However the technology has moved along so possible even Skype and the like are perfectly adequate without any additional platform. Certainly, when my wife uses Skype to video call her niece (the only one who uses it) the quality is good. For music just using sound for most of a session would probably help.

Is a specific music "jamming" platform needed anymore at all or has the "basic" video calling software progressed enough?

I am a smartphone refusenik but I suspect, given the prevalence of people doing video calls and sharing music etc on smartphones, that both the bandwidth and the cost are now good enough to allow music co-operation via the phone.

Any suggestions about which platform(s?) might compliment Jesús Morote's suggestion here: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=113275 ?

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