Funny business on the auction site.

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Funny business on the auction site.

Post by simonm » Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:00 pm

I have been searching for some bargain basement flooring on the auction site (.de variant). I have been following one seller (2xIDs) for about a week as initially it looked like they had the occasional good deal. However, after a while I noticed that all the auctions end with sales, with over 100 sales a month. Almost all sales are to bidders with 0 to 8 points.

Usually a new low point bidder jumps in about 30 seconds from the end. The end price for the product is almost always the same. Once in a while (looking at the past sales) someone with a reasonable number of points buys. Since April they have had a grand total of just 2-3 feedbacks despite 300-400 "sales". Looks a bit odd. Not something I had seen before.

Recently, I have also noticed a vast amount of "spamming" by "professional" sellers too - by that I mean the same of very similar items insert literally 1000's of times so that you cannot find anybody else's offers unless you use the advanced search and eliminate specific sellers or better yet search from one of the specific 3rd party search engines I didn't know the latter existed until I changed across one recently. Way faster to load too.

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Re: Funny business on the auction site.

Post by Andrew Fryer » Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:20 pm

I haven't looked at e - b a y for a long time now. I doubt if I'll ever use it to sell anything. Luckily most of what I want to get rid of is cheap and I can afford to give it to charity shops.

Recently I've been scammed twice within one week on Amazon. It's OK, you get your money back (in fact only one of the scammers bothered debiting my account - the other one never got their email to work, so they just disappeared), but it's starting to become a tedious place to use, especially as more and more things are being classified as "add-ons".
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