Looking for ideas for practice related furniture

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Looking for ideas for practice related furniture

Post by twang » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:12 pm

I'm getting itchy to get back in my workshop. I want to build something for my practice space; something to hold my guitar related paraphernalia; or at least some of it.

- Small but readily accessible spaces to hold and organize tuners, nail files, clippers, capos, metronome, pencils, on so on.
- Integrated music stand with wings able to display at least 4 sheets.
- Music storage. I have one main binder for my music but often have a few stacks of loose stuff for sight reading or materials, ear training, or arrangements in progress.
- A space for my support cushion when I'm not playing.
- A small writing surface or spot for coffee.
- Small enough to be easily movable; or on casters.

It could even be two pieces. I'd love to hear (or see) ideas.
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Re: Looking for ideas for practice related furniture

Post by bear » Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:50 pm

I'd start with a roll top desk. I made something similar from reclaimed wood (formerly a chicken coop). I still have the part with all of the cubby's. It sits on the top of a library table. I fill it with all those little pieces of receipts, notices and things that I don't have a place for.
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Re: Looking for ideas for practice related furniture

Post by doug » Wed Aug 30, 2017 6:31 pm

I use a Manhasset orchestra stand for my music. I like it because it has two lips on the bottom......the top one holds the sheet music, and the bottom one is a little 2" wide "shelf" where I keep my tuner, nail file, sanding pads, pencil, Wite-Out, red marker, etc. My stand isn't wide enough for 4 pages of sheet music, but you can get one that is. On the floor beside it, I have an end table (ordered it from the big river site.....had to look up what it was....."Winsome Wood Beechwood End/Accent Table Espresso") I keep my laptop on it, and it's still marginally wide enough to use as a writing surface.....and, more importantly, hold my coffee cup. It has one drawer where I keep things like capo, kitchen timer, extra string sets, guitar care products and cleaning cloth, etc. Below the drawer it has one door, inside which I keep notebooks with sheet music. It's about 19" wide X 14" deep X 25" high.
If I were going to build one, I'd make it slightly higher....desk height....and slightly wider. .....but I'm not a furniture builder.
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