12 string neck reset...

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12 string neck reset...

Post by MessyTendon » Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:46 pm

Kinda bummed...got bad news from a reputable luthier...So now it's up to me to figure out how to do the darn re-set.

I am not paying 250-350$ I was quoted...Now the nice thing is the luthier said if I get stuck or have any questions bring it by for a look. So I might do just that.

It would appear a small amount has already been carved out and there was some tape bits attached to the neck...did the factory use tape to adjust the neck angle?

Well with any luck, I can figure this damn thing out and get my saddle higher and action lower. I hate steel string with low saddles, sounds like twangy nasty.

What makes this neck reset such a pain is that it's a two bolt neck, the neck sits flush to the top of the guitar, no glue and no tenon or dovetail. So checking the neck means...bolting, and unbolting...a real pia and I can see why it would cost a bit to repair.

What's really interesting to me is that the neck actually weighs a ton...I'm talking over 5 pounds of neck. Absurd...really. The box is light enough. Seems like I could theoretically hack the heck out of the heel, toss a shim under and keep shaving the shim till I get the desired set and leave it, it would be ugly, but it would take the angle and action to the right set.

Of course I want the transparent heel to body effect, but...I'm not paying 400$ for a 500$ gutiar :)

The luthier also suggested lightening up the back braces to get a bit more sound...Can't wait to do my first major neck re-set. Call me an ignorant buffoon, but I've always asked "how can it take so many hours to shave just a few thousandths"

Here goes nothing.

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