Nylon strings made my $100 beater sing..

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Tony Robinson
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Nylon strings made my $100 beater sing..

Post by Tony Robinson » Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:37 am

And it was easier to play as well. My Cort 70 NS guitar has a lovely tone but the steel strings were painful compared to my other guitars so I decided to put nylon / classical strings on it. I just put a knot in the string end and wedged it in with the usual peg. You must tap those wedge pins in hard because if they pop out then you may have a heck of a time to find it. Who knows, when your beater guitar plays easily and sounds great you may just be tempted to try some classical or spanish guiter songs. Sure is nice to get rid of those jangly steel strings. Some people may not approve of this, however it worked wonders for me so it seems only decent to share this personal victory with other ' poor boys ' like myself. And if nylon srings lead you to an interest in Spanish or classical music then you are really moving into a most delightful world of music. Tony Robinson

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Re: Nylon strings made my $100 beater sing..

Post by Andrew Pohlman » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:27 pm

Shh! The traditionalists here will have a cow. :D

A very close musician friend learned Asturias on a steel string. I am loaning him my Rodriguez FF Sabicas to actually learn classical. But you can do a lot of "finger picking" on a steel string or folk guitar with nylon strings!

Enjoy the experimentation ! Nylon power!
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