‘prisoner syndrome’ and the guitar

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Re: ‘prisoner syndrome’ and the guitar

Post by CedarGuy » Sun Oct 25, 2015 3:22 pm

This is a really interesting topic and it kind of relates to my playing situation perfectly...and I have read the other posts to gain insight and perspective. I've only been playing classical for two years and electric for 25 before that...I transitioned as I bought an Alvarez AC65 on a whim and just got hooked...but my love for music far outstrips my ability to play it. It took me 3 months to learn Girl From Ipanema and another 3 for Vals Venezolano No. 3 and I have to play them every day just so I don't forget since everything is sheer muscle memory with me. I have really good touch, feel and dynamics but speed-wise I'll never get where I want to be. I love short, engaging, well-written pieces that don't ramble aimlessly the way Jazz and Classical can do alot. So until I tackle another which I think might be Danza Brasiliera (Tavi Jinariu is great), I'll keep up with the other two daily but in the inbetween time, I love to meander sonically all over the fretboard randomly trying for chordal progressions that are big and fat piano-like chords, loads of dissonance and chaos maybe like Leo Brouwer..what genius right?..and all the while I barely know any theory to give me that roadmap for how to intelligently play...SO.. just getting lost in the guitar's tone, playing crazy random sometimes beautifully harmonious piano like progressions blindly is how I keep from being a prisoner to the only two pieces I can reasonably play that normally take me eons to learn in the first place...a much better player would possibly get far more satisfaction because he or she could learn and play far more material in much less time than I am ever able...I am however not like Salieri from Amadeus...King of Mediocrity may I be but I will still continue to seek out and love music with an undying obsession...joy

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