Guitalele Strings in Standard Tuning? Help!

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Guitalele Strings in Standard Tuning? Help!

Post by J.acoustic » Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:38 pm

So, I have 2 guitalele's. The first is a Yamaha GL1 I gave to my friend. The other is "Small" guitar from It doesn't have a brand name or anything and don't think I can post links. The Yamaha has 17" scale and the Small has 18.5" scale. I'm trying to figure out best strings to get standard tuning for these guitars.

At one point I put La Bella 1/4 strings on the GL1 (the Small came with strings in standard and they are okay but not sure what brand). The wound G string (I guess used so it wasn't too thick as nylon?) stinks but they provide 2. The strings were still pretty floppy low tension. I guess they might be better on the Small though. I'm curious what people think about the following strings though. These are all fractional size strings:

1. La Bella Fractional 1/4
2. Savarez Prodige 540CXS
3. Hannabach Kinder 1/8 Size (since they are 44-48cm scale which both 17" and 18.5" fall under)

I then stumbled on this thread:


Someone mentions having tried the Savarez I mentioned above and that these are even better. He takes regular nylon strings and shifts them all down, tossing the high E string. Then replaces the low E with this:

Hannabach Silver Special 8158ZHT - 8th string (C) High Tension

The strings he used for others:

Savarez 520R Rectified Trebles/Red Basses HT (does HT mean high tension? So would any other strings with "high tension" and I guess, more importantly, similar tension #s work here?)

I think he did this on a short 17" scale guitar so not sure how it'll be on the 18.5".

So, does anyone have experience with this? Any advice?

Any and all help GREATLY appreciated. I'm trying to order these today since I need them shipped by this week. Thanks!

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Re: Guitalele Strings in Standard Tuning? Help!

Post by epcritmo » Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:12 am

I have had the La Bella Fractional Guitar set on and I'm happy with them. Beware that La Bella has four different sets for different sized guitars, but they are all the same gauges. It comes with a wound 3rd, this was the first them to go (windings came apart at the second fret), but they give you two of these strings, so all good.

To get extra tension on those two trebles, if you want it, you can put some high tension carbon strings on there.
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Re: Guitalele Strings in Standard Tuning? Help!

Post by Mimmo2us » Mon Feb 05, 2018 3:18 pm

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