Bass strings with the least intonation problems?

Choice of classical guitar strings and technical issues connected with their use.
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Bass strings with the least intonation problems?

Post by Moje » Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:42 am

After a solid couple of years making the rounds I'm back to plain-jane pro-artes; damn good strings for the most part. But every so often I get a bass string with really bad intonation, the better part of a semitone in some cases. My saddles are professionally-made replacements (although the Sakurai isn't compensated the intonation is usually fine.)

I don't recall ever having this problem with Savarez, but then I also haven't used them nearly as much as D'addario. It's possible that I've just had bad luck and D'addario are on average as good as any other but I do know some strings are prone to intonation problems (Oasis trebles, I'm looking at you . . . )

Anyway thanks to the magic of SBM I can easily order mixed sets so I'm open to all suggestions,
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Jack Douglas
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Re: Bass strings with the least intonation problems?

Post by Jack Douglas » Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:35 am

Personally I've never had an intonation problem with basses. Depending on your budget you could try Luthier Dark Silver, Hannabach 815 med tension, knobloch, and Pyramid Sterling silver.
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Re: Bass strings with the least intonation problems?

Post by petermc61 » Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:38 am

EJ45, while not a string I am that much in love with, has a reputation (well deserved) for excellent intonation. I always have a set around I can throw on if I have a new guitar with intonation problems - usually they point back to the previous strings as the source of the problem.

I'd say you have just had some bad luck.

Bill B
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Re: Bass strings with the least intonation problems?

Post by Bill B » Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:44 am

Ive never had this problem. I variously use different tensions of Augustine, D'addario, or sometimes ill try something different. I had a treble string that was off out of the package once, (e i think it was) but only once. I don't remember who made it.
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