For those who don't like metallic sounding bass strings

Choice of classical guitar strings and technical issues connected with their use.
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For those who don't like metallic sounding bass strings

Post by JohnyZuper » Fri Feb 10, 2017 1:38 pm

Call me crazy but I love the sound of mute Thomastik flatwound bass strings and bright Galli carbon trebles on my cedar top Vanessa Burguet. Since I am only an apprentice, though, I wanted to challenge myself with some variation. So I cut my nails shorter and replaced the strings with a D'Addario EJ45 normal tension nylon set I had lying around.

I immediately loved the sound and feel of the trebles (except for that E maybe) but I suddenly remembered my horror of the metallic sound of new bass strings. On top of that awful straight-out-of-the-shop sound I heard a buzz in the D string. So I twisted it (clockwise looking down towards the bridge) and put it back on. The buzz was reduced but the tone had changed as well. The string sounded a lot more mute, just the way I like it!

Of course I twisted the other bass strings too. With the desired result! No more metallic clanging but nice understated muted basses that harmonize perfectly with the warm nylon trebles. It's a bit fidgety to accomplish. The E string needed a lot more twisting than the D and the A a lot less, for all three to sound similar. But it feels like a free upgrade. At least to me (I realize that many people prefer bright basses and maybe one day, when I play a lot better, I may too).
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