Effects of leaving treble strings on for prolonged periods?

Choice of classical guitar strings and technical issues connected with their use.
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Re: Effects of leaving treble strings on for prolonged periods?

Post by Beowulf » Thu Feb 23, 2017 3:43 pm

Laudiesdad69 wrote:
Beowulf wrote:I change all at once and have for over 50 years now. Yes, the bass strings deteriorate more rapidly than the treble...with the D string tending to be the most fragile. My experience has been that once the bass strings need replacing, even the treble strings have lost a bit of life and vibrancy and if they are not changed at the same time, the balance between bass and treble suffers. However, that is just me and I tend to use a set for 2-3 months (5-7 hours per week on average).
Just curious, what strings do you use?
D'Addario EJ44C. Though at the moment I'm using Augustine Regal/Blue as those will be on my new Yamaha when it arrives in June. I'll also be trying Hannbach SS 815 HT.
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Re: Effects of leaving treble strings on for prolonged periods?

Post by Salvador » Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:14 pm

hesson11 wrote:I've been playing for many years and have always tended to change all 6 strings at the same time. But I've often read of those who prefer to change the bass strings relatively frequently while leaving the trebles in place. The implication is that the trebles improve or at least change in some way.

What I'm wondering is what are the specific effects you may have noticed when leaving the treble strings on for longer periods. Do they get brighter and more sharply defined? Warmer and rounder? More powerful? More refined? Other? Or is it simply that the trebles don't deteriorate as quickly as the wound basses? Any thoughts would be appreciated. THANKS.
I have many years of experience of not changing strings for many months lol. Classical guitar strings in my place are always out of stock. I always use D'Addario EJ30. The treble is still the same. I leave it on for 6 months, played it everyday for 4 hours. I expected the treble strings to sound warm, like a Cedar guitar. But it's still the same bright sound, but the volume decreased, the sound is not sharp and crisp anymore. So it did not improve, especially the bass it's much worse.

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