Nylon strings: gauges and tension

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Nylon strings: gauges and tension

Post by joachim33 » Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:09 am

There are various people trying to estimate a string tension from a gauge measurement. To my understanding for Nylon strings that will not fly, even when discounting the so called carbon strings.

Let’s take the trebles of the Hannabach 815MT (quoted from the packaging, 815LT has the same trebles) and D’Addario EJ45 and EJ46 sets:

Gauges in mm:
815MT: 0.71 0.81 1.01
EJ45: 0.71 0.82 1.02
EJ46: 0.72 0.83 1.04

Tension in kg:
815MT: 7.0 6.0 6.5
EJ45: 7.36 5.46 5.39
EJ46: 7.63 5.63 5.58

The Hannabach 2B and 3G strings are thinner and have a higher tension than the EJs. EJ46FF is the only 3G string I am aware off that has a higher tension. Savarez Alliance are lower than this. Hannabach must be using a very different material or production process for their 815 trebles than D’Addario is.

Based on this I avoid guessing tension data from gauge data.

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