Journey Overhead Travel Classical Guitar

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Journey Overhead Travel Classical Guitar

Post by eyedoc » Tue Jan 31, 2017 6:22 pm

I may be totally spoiled, but when I travel I like to play guitar! I have owned the Soloette, still have a Yamaha 130, and now a several month old Journey collapsable guitar. After just spending a week with this guitar on a cruise (and a few other hotels), it is by far the best and most fun travel instrument I have had.
1) It sounds great, and no headphones needed
2) The ergonomics are just like a small Torres style guitar, so you feel right at home
3) Can play with a strap and stand
4) The neck is quite good, but not as sleek as the Yamaha. Also, it doesn't go above high A....

All in all, a great find,

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