What's your experiences optimizing practice time?

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Re: What's your experiences optimizing practice time?

Post by Nikos_Greek » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:46 am

Since time is precious and always lacking it makes sense to make the most out of your session. I have come to realise that duration is what matters. Playing the classical guitar is a life-long thing, and life is too short to reach perfection, at least for ordinary mortals like me. Once you realise that it does not matter that much how long it will take you to get to the desired point, but to get there indeed, the next thing is to determine your attitude. An hour focused study does miracles, and it is better than two hours of careless, aimless playing.
I begin with vertical exercises, then scales, legati, rasgueados, arpeggios focusing on tone (except for rasgueados). I try to study each of these sections with the utmost focus and attention. Then reading new stuff, and finally playing- studying the most part of my repertoire. Always read with metronome, especially when i start with new pieces. I divide my time in two parts: technique and pieces/studies, each part taking up half of the session.

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Re: What's your experiences optimizing practice time?

Post by Smudger5150 » Mon Sep 18, 2017 3:43 pm

Guitar Nut wrote:
Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:11 pm
As well as duration, something else that might factor in here is the time of day you practice. There seems to be some evidence (e.g., here) that an early morning session and a just-before-bed session might give some extra benefit, making use of the positive effect sleep has on memory. What I try to do every day is play for half an hour first thing in the morning and half an hour last thing at night (as well as anything else I can cram in). A difficult passage the night before often becomes considerably easier the next day. But if I simply practised it for an hour straight, I wouldn't expect it to feel as easy in the second half of the session as it does the next morning. So considering time-of-day, or frequency, as well as sheer volume of practice might be worthwhile.
I've heard similar things from various sources about this too. I think I read that if you have a nap too just after studying something then you will retain it for longer than if you just studied it at a 'normal' time i.e. without a nap and a long time before bedtime. Obviously check this for yourself(-ves) because I can't remember the exact details and I obviously didn't have a nap after reading the article!

Tony Buzan also talks about how your brain keeps 'thinking' about something when you sleep although in his books he focuses more on solving problems.

I hadn't really thought about any of this with my guitar practise - I've been more focused on using this for language or work learning (programming) - but now I'm wondering if it's best to practise new techniques or pieces last thing at night (with a review 1st thing in the morning) and pieces/techniques that I'm just 'exercising' or maintaining would be better to do at other times. Hmmm....
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Re: What's your experiences optimizing practice time?

Post by dtoh » Mon Sep 18, 2017 10:53 pm

I have a pretty simple approach. I practice what I enjoy practicing and that keeps me highly motivated. Fortunately I find scales and other exercises enjoyable, and for me really concentrating is quite relaxing and a great break from work and other things in my life.

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Re: What's your experiences optimizing practice time?

Post by Henny » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:03 am

hi all,
with interest i read all the ways people use their practice time.
one addition i like to mention: record your playing, and listen to your recording going over the score without your guitar.
it saves time and effort if you mark all the little issues that needs practicing.

maybe this too obvious but i just want to mention this to save time practicing. :D

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