Recommend right-hand fingering for Parkening's Packington's Pound

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Recommend right-hand fingering for Parkening's Packington's Pound

Post by dennis » Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:43 pm

Would someone please recommend right-hand fingering for Christopher Parkening's Packington's Pound?

The Parkening version is a bit different than others I've seen - notably in measures 2 & 4 (and those patterns repeat elsewhere). Parkening has some fingering, but not in the beginning, and that's where I'm most confused as whether to use m m i , m m i (as I've seen in other/different versions) versus m a m, a m i. Using a just seems natural sometimes, but then in bar 7 it doesn't.

(I've read other posts where people comment that adjusting right hand fingerings is easy. It's always been a problem for me :)

UPDATE: I did find this on YouTube - ...
Not quite the same version, but close. She uses the m m i. I'll give that some more effort.

Also, in measure 7, Parkening shows a LH '2' on the A-minor. That just feels odd, since 3 is used in the first measure and third measures. (Ines Thome uses the 3 in the video.) Even with 3 on the G string in the prior measure, it just feels better to move it for a full A minor.

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