Critique my technique! Carcassi Op. 60 No. 1

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Re: Critique my technique! Carcassi Op. 60 No. 1

Post by MessyTendon » Fri Feb 08, 2019 1:42 am

Get the Barnett guitar support...For tall folks...the adjustability is good...will make you think less about posture and more about how easy it is to finger the frets.

Best of luck. If you want to use the footstool, then you've got to get your leg moved in to rest the base of the guitar more, or you will just fight it...

You have good dexterity for only four months.

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Re: Critique my technique! Carcassi Op. 60 No. 1

Post by Crofty » Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:08 am

For me everything starts with analysing your own ideal hand position and you then find a posture and a way of holding the guitar that supports that.

However, initially players quite commonly do things the other way round - i.e. sit with the guitar and then use the hand/fingers in whatever way they then adjust to the strings of the guitar.

I'm sure there are many articles etc that can advise you and, especially given how well you are doing, I would suggest that working this out should be an absolute priority for you.


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Re: Critique my technique! Carcassi Op. 60 No. 1

Post by PeteJ » Fri Feb 08, 2019 1:48 pm

It occurs to me that if you try to play twice as loud, or maybe use rest-strokes, this will show up the need to change not just the angle of the gtr but also your angle of attack.

It's slightly terrifying making suggestions when there are so many good players around.

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Re: Critique my technique! Carcassi Op. 60 No. 1

Post by Sebastian » Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:59 pm

Well although I listened it on a netbook with very poor speakers, it seems that overall it is pretty good.

You may know or not know, that Carcassi etude number 1 was originally intended to be played by staccato (at all times) and using only thumb, index and medium finger. I believe it was Miguel Llobet who re-wrote the right hand digitation and applied ring finger also. The etudes were intended to be a didactic tool. If you want to use it as a didactic tool the way Carcassi intended, then ring finger should be not used at any time (for this piece), also the knuckles should be way upper than the wrist (opposite as nowadays), 4th 5th and 6th strings shold be attacked ONLY with thumb finger, the hand should be more parallel to the strings (not oblique like nowadays) and most important, with staccato at all times: Carcassi intended to create sort of a sequential-planting study. Of course more details on his method can be find online.

These were explained to me by a professor who heavily specializes in Carcassi and Sor. I have the PDF traslation he wrote if you want it. Or I also believe it is available online, who knows.
It is funny because that professor always stated that the Carcassi technique CAN and SHOULD be applied with our current modern guitars, as guitars from the classic-romantic era were smaller; but that doesn't matter (according to him) it can and again should be applied to our modern guitars because the differences were actually very small.

Of course it is possible with Llobet's digitation, and it still would be a very practical piece for study, hey I did it that way and most of my conservatoire mates also perform it that way.
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