2017-10-29 Classical Guitar Society of Victoria - Melbourne (Australia)

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2017-10-29 Classical Guitar Society of Victoria - Melbourne (Australia)

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From CGSV's webpages:

Andres Segovia Memorial Concert 2017

Sunday, October 29, 2017
3:00pm 5:30pm

2017 marks the 30th year of the passing of Andres Segovia in 1987. This event is a celebration by the Classical Guitar Society of Victoria of the contribution to the Classical Guitar by the great maestro Andres Segovia.

Performers will include, Prof. John Griffiths, Meredith Connie (having just returned to Australia from the US), The Johnston Duo., Shaun Purkiss, Michael MacManus, The Duo consisting of Nadia Sartori and Tania Ravbar, Alice Pfeiffer, and Dr Paul Nash (the President!)

On display at the event will be various items of Segovia Memorabilia including Books, Music, Vinyl records etc. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own Segovia memorabilia!

Light supper will be provided

Tickets: Adult: $25, Concession: $20, Family: $60
Bookings: https://www.ticketbookings.com.au/book/ ... govia/3140
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