2008-11-14 Leo Brouwer's 70th - Turku (FINLAND)


2008-11-14 Leo Brouwer's 70th - Turku (FINLAND)

Post by antimak » Tue Nov 11, 2008 7:46 pm

I can't keep this to myself anymore...

Leo Brouwer will be directing the Turku Philarmonics this friday at 19.00 (7PM) in turku (venue: Turku Konserttitalo). All works will be performed for the first time in Finland, and if I understood correctly (different sources say different things) that Leo Brouwer's work "Journey to the Invisible Cities" for orchestra will be premièred there.

Soloists will be Juha-Pekka Vikman, violin
Timo Korhonen, guitar
Pavel Steidl, guitar

This is all part of Turku's international guitar competition. Tickets are 19€,15€ and 7€ for full price, pensionists, and children/students respectively.

More information here: http://www.guitaristival.org/site/

Unfortunately information is in Finnish only, however, I will be willing to help translate if someone feels the need for it :)

-see you there!-

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