HK US$.5000 Masaki Sukarai PC spruce 2008, Hong Kong - Withdrawn

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HK US$.5000 Masaki Sukarai PC spruce 2008, Hong Kong - Withdrawn

Post by pug208 » Thu Dec 08, 2016 5:17 am

- Type/luthier : Classical/ Masaki Sakurai
- Scale length (mm) 650
- Top : Spruce
- Back / Sides : Central and South American Rosewood
- Fingerboard: Mahogany, Cedar
- Condition : used (excellent)
- Finish: Cashew
- Price : US$5,000
- Viewing/ trial possible : yes (in Hong Kong)
- Location : Hong Kong

Model P.C. is a reproduction of the guitar awarded the first prize at the International Guitar Making Competition in Paris, 1988

There is no scratch or dent. Condition is like new.
Action at 12th fret on 6th string: 3.5mm
Action at 12th fret on 1st string: 3 mm

Comes with original hard case, with lock and keys, leather handle and outside pocket.

Shipping cost is normally charged at US$120 - 150 depending on location. It will be shipped with EMS tracking number provided and insured.

Reason for selling? I have been playing a lot more on my two other guitars (a Ramirez 1A and another Masaki Sukarai Special). The latter is used more often when I travel. This PC has been well kept with two-way humidifier system. It is wonderful with good separation, excellent bass and sweet trebles. Playability is very easy compared to the 1A.

Please PM if interested. If there is a serious offer from Australia, I could bring this to Sydney in coming February 2017.

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Re: HK US$5,000 Masaki Sukarai PC 2008, Hong Kong

Post by Fenrirrr » Sat Dec 10, 2016 5:04 pm

Hello! I am interested in this guitar !!! if you have a record of its sound?

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Re: HK US$.5000 Masaki Sukarai PC spruce 2008, Hong Kong

Post by Adam » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:14 pm

Very cool...

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