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Re: Help! Cracked nail

Post by MNClassical » Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:38 pm

Hey Everyone,

Last Christmas season I had a ton of Xmas gigs coming down the pipe and then the worst happened: I busted my gorgeous Thumb nail right before a slew of shows. At the time I had a practice space in a strip mall right next to a Nail parlor. Convenient right? I had done Silk Wraps in the past and thought to get another for this disaster.
But, the young hip nail Artist (and I do mean Artist; she specializes in painting pictures on peoples Long Nail extensions!) made me aware of a shockingly good new product called 'ManiQ Builder Gel'. She literally crafted a new Thumbnail to my exact request of Length and Ramp angle and then used a UV light to cure it. It was rock hard, sounded better than a Silk Wrap and lasted 2x as long!
So, if you're in dire straights I highly recommend calling some parlors and asking if they have someone who can use this.

Good luck!

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