Bach, J. S. - BWV 0996 Allemande - D07

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Post by Steve » Fri Nov 11, 2005 4:12 am

Lovely A,

Hearing the ornaments makes me wonder how to get my hands to a point where those ornaments can sound natural...I am really stuck on that. Any ideas anyone?


Post by Redserpent » Sun Nov 13, 2005 12:44 pm

Hi Ann, another lovely interpretation.



Post by onur_pinar » Wed Feb 01, 2006 8:34 am

very well played,bravo :D


Post by mike_hudson » Sun Feb 05, 2006 3:37 am

I notice the date of your post "Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 9:03 am" and it occured to me that these MP3 posts are truly gifts that just keep on giving ! Thank You :) Best Wishes, Mike



Post by Ruilin » Sun Feb 12, 2006 10:08 am

Such a well done piece. Its performance like yours that will always remind what an extraordinary genious Bach was. Bravo!


Post by BFGuitar » Sun Mar 12, 2006 5:42 am

Good job!
Great tone.
Just watch the tempo at a few parts.
Great phrasing.
Great ornaments!

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Post by owl » Sat Jun 16, 2007 11:30 pm

Ann, this is great... nice tone and quite lyrical... you have a good feel for the music.
I would like your shifts to be a little cleaner, and I bet they are now as this was posted over 18 months ago.
How about an update... or even another mp3? :lol:

Thanks for playing for us Ann... I really enjoyed listening

Joy in the music

Never, ever give up!... I leave my songprint on your heart.

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Leonardo Silva
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Re: Bach, J. S. - BWV 0996 Allemande - D07

Post by Leonardo Silva » Sat Aug 19, 2017 4:41 pm

Great one.

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