Reporting Errors in PDFs levels 4 to 6

Here you can help by pointing out any mistakes in notes, fingering, tempo, dynamic markings, composers' dates, spelling, or bar (measure) numbering that you may find in the forum PDFs.
Please indicate the volume, title of the piece, page number and bar number, to make it easier to check.
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Re: Reporting Errors in PDFs levels 4 to 6

Post by EricKatz » Mon Sep 22, 2014 3:13 pm

In the piece Pavan VI in the lesson book of the D06 course (page 5) bar 20 is completely different from the original tablature. I don't think it's a mistake, but it is about the only place where maestro Delcamp isn't following exactly the original tablature.

This is the original bar:

This is the score in D06:
So the four notes in the middle should be: g# - f# - e - f#

EDIT: I'm so sorry, another look at the 6 Pavanes page 25 in Collection of Scores for Guitar - levels D04 toD06 learns that it's transcribed correctly. But the confusion arises from the fact that there are two series of the 6 Pavanes in this PDF. The bar 20 I was talking about is in the first serie (p. 13) and also in the lesson book D06.
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John Montes
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Re: Reporting Errors in PDFs levels 4 to 6

Post by John Montes » Sun Jun 14, 2015 1:32 pm

Greetings Team,

In the D04 book (06/01/2014), the composer name for Lu Primm'Ammore should be Francesco Ruggi instead of Roggi. :ouioui:

When I learned this piece in the online classes I wanted to learn more about the composer but could never find anything about a Franceso Roggi. After further searches (francesco and lu primm'ammore) @, I was able to find a reference to a recording that includes Lu Primm'Ammore by Francesco Ruggi

Francesco Ruggi. (n.d.) In Wikipedia Online. Retrieved from
Francesco Ruggi. (n.d.) In Oxford Index Online. Retrieved from ... icle.24114
Murolo, Roberto (1997). Napoletana: Antologia cronologica della canzone partenopea. Vol. 1, dal 1200 al 1894
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robert e
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Re: Reporting Errors in PDFs levels 4 to 6

Post by robert e » Sat Jan 30, 2016 6:03 pm

Dear Professor Delcamp,

Please forgive me if this is inappropriate, as it regards a file on, rather than the forum.

There is a typo in the gif of Tarrega's Endecha here: ... eludio.gif

in measure 9, the barre symbol is written "CVII" but it should be "CVIII".

The error is only in the gif. The pdf's on the forum are correct (as far as I can tell).

Merci beaucoup for your generous work on these transcriptions, compilations, demonstrations and lessons!

-- Robert

Michele Franceschini
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Re: Reporting Errors in PDFs levels 4 to 6

Post by Michele Franceschini » Sun Jun 05, 2016 4:21 am

Hello professor Delcamp,
thank you very much for creating this marvelous community, for the lessons and for the invaluable repertoire!
I have found a typo in the D05 volume, page 50. "Guiseppe" Brescianello should be "Giuseppe"

Best Regards,


Using google translate:
bonjour professeur Delcamp ,
je vous remercie beaucoup pour la création de cette merveilleuse communauté , pour les leçons et pour le répertoire inestimable !
J'ai trouvé une faute de frappe dans le volume de D05 , à la page 50. " Guiseppe " Brescianello devrait être " Giuseppe "

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