Nail Challenged Gold Coast Banjo Player

Nail care, nail problems, and the use of nails in playing the classical guitar.
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Nail Challenged Gold Coast Banjo Player

Post by Boadicea » Sat Dec 09, 2017 9:57 am

Hello Folks,

I wrote an introduction post and hopefully I wrote it in accordance with the forum rules.

My finger nail is cracked in two places on my left hand. This happened last Tuesday. This is my chord playing hand. I have been putting layers of a matt nail polish on it to stop cracking it more. So the first crack/wound is on the left hand side going along and under the nail. That won't take too long to grow out. The second crack goes across the nail, almost two thirds of the way across. I can't play chords without cracking the nail more. It is mid nail so it will take some time to grow out. Superglue wasn't enough so I moved on to matt nail polish, the next day.

Any suggestions welcome, it is one of the reasons I am joining up to this forum.

I cannot type and use my finger for many things, including chord changes with my pointer finger. If I use my pointer finger I get pain. So I am going to get much better at my rolls, and strumming. Alas I won't blog as much until it gets better.


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