Hello from Redlands, California

chris in redlands

Hello from Redlands, California

Post by chris in redlands » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:15 pm

Hello, all. In searching for a resource for information about classical guitar, I've found my way to this forum and looked around enough to identify it as an active forum with what appears to be a friendly user base. I'm an avid hack. I started playing guitar as a kid, and over the years have played acoustic steel string and electric guitar, electric bass (in a few garage bands), almost every instrument the schools I attended owned in both band and orchestra (upright bass, trombone, baritone horn, euphonium, tuba, etc.) harmonica, on and on. But I've never been any good at any of them, despite having taken a good bit of instruction on the piano and guitar. Always too impatient, and always had instructors that would eventually cave to my request to "show me how to play Stairway!" so my technique was never any good, and I've probably developed bad habits over the years on all these instruments.

When I was a kid, my dad had a Pepe Romero album that I loved to listen to. I still like Romero. His album with Celin Famous Spanish Dances is, to me, a lot like one of the many Pavarotti albums that are a collection of popular arias; not exactly obscure gems, but I could listen to them a thousand times. I really started listening to classical guitar a while ago, and have been devouring the Segovia and His Contemporaries albums for the last couple of years, while trying to learn more about the history of the genre. My wife and I are long-time subscribers to the LA Phil, and despite having attended dozens of performances, we've never seen a guitar played at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which saddens me, as it seems the inroads Segovia made for the instrument didn't stick.

Anyway, I figured that at 45 maybe I now have the patience to learn to play correctly. After a lot of homework, I bought an inexpensive guitar from someone on Craigslist in LA this past weekend and put a new set of strings on it and am starting to try to find a reasonable path toward learning, which I expect to begin in this forum.

I didn't want to buy a guitar that came from a factory in China (though one would probably have sufficed for me for many years). The guitar I picked up is a Luis Sevillano instrument, built not far from here in Tijuana. Though it seems they're not too common, people seem to think highly of them for what they are, and it's a beautiful thing to look at and handle. I took it to a luthier to see if I'd made a horrible purchase and he was reasonably impressed with the quality, though unfamiliar with Sevillano. I was please to hear him say "this would be a $3000 guitar if it came out of Martin's factory." which seemed high accolades for a guitar i paid about 1/8 that for. Here's a couple of pictures of her. I'm really looking forward to becoming a passable, or maybe even good player.







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Re: Hello from Redlands, California

Post by simonm » Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:21 pm

Hello Chris,

Welcome to the forum.

- Once you have had 2 messages approved by the moderators, you will get access to levels 1 - 3 of the Delcamp score collection, and also be able to post your own scores and recordings.

- To get started please take a look at the new member info here: viewtopic.php?f=28&t=36537

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- It is useful to put your location into your profile so that people can see where you are located. Just click on your name on the right and then on "edit profile".

-I will look up Sevillano - I haven't heard of him before.

- You might be better put the images directly in the post rather that as google links.



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