Kenny Hill's guitar shop

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Kenny Hill's guitar shop

Post by bogdan » Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:41 am

Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit Kenny Hill's guitar shop in Ben Lomond, which is just a bit over one hour away from where I live.
I happen to own a Kenny Hill Masters Fleta guitar that needed a minor fix. So I had scheduled an appointment at Kenny's shop.

Once arrived, I was greeted by Kenny himself, who has done the repair personally.
With this I had the opportunity to visit his workshop and to have a wonderful conversation with him.
Kenny's workshop is a fabulous place and Kenny is a great, very open person.

And yes, of course, I did try a few guitars. :-)
The Hill Signature model has just blown me away.
I have never played an instrument so responsive, with such a wide dynamic range.
It is probably the best guitar on which to try the inhuman (or rather superhuman) "ppppp" and "fffff" passages in Albeniz's Iberia.


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